Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jang Wooyoung - 2NITE (Lyrics English Translations)

Jang Wooyoung (23, Male, Single) - #1 2NITE
lyrics + composed by: DEEZ

Oh girl tonight, let's party on tonight
(Woo young, baby do it like that la la la la la la la)

Guess what! Who I am. Yes. The feeling‘s coming
Today my drama starts right now (Right now)
Oh dear! The burning boundary, but there’s no use, oh why uh!
No matter what the others say I‘m the main, maybe

Narrow down the streets, even more playfully, stand in line one by one
Don’t squabble, tonight’s the chance
Try and enjoy it, Ladies, If you see it just once, you‘ll fall for my step
Tonight, tonight is very short, trust me

*(YOU!) Sexy girl tonight
(YOU!) Dazzling girl tonight
We‘ll make a luv again tonight atop this stage (Hey!)
(YOU!) Dizzy tonight
(YOU!) Breathtaking tonight
Under these lights tonight, until the morning breaks
Are you ready? Don‘t be nervous

So hot, who do you see above the fire-hot stage?
Tonight pretty ladies, everyone say my name (Wooyoung!)
Terribly envious glance, but it‘s quite clear
No matter what they say, it‘s the show just for me, DJ

Turn up the sound, so that it would explode
Keep the secret, tonight’s gonna be like a dream
Come to me slowly, so that I could possess you
Tonight, tonight is very short, trust me


Fire-hot night, today I‘ll do something properly
Thoughts to stop – ZERO, Paradise that’s about to explode
Don‘t fight it, your heart knows the answer, you‘re
Girl Hey! You're ma lady


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